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Hookah is among one of the most famous trends in the present age, particularly in the buzzing nightlife of the cities. Not only are they popular in the bigger cities, they have also gained popularity in the smaller towns. For the people who do not understand as to what hookah or shisha is, it is a flavored tobacco, primarily mixed with charcoal that is filtered via water in a particular type of pipe. This particular filtration gives hookah its unique flavor and taste. The tobacco and water pipe mostly lasts for an hour or so and the users come across a huge amount of toxins and smoke. The amount of hookah bars seems to be escalating the worrying numbers, especially because it is much more harmful than smoking a cigarette.

Disposable E-hookah is different than the real hookah, however follows the similar principles:

The disposable e-hookah or normal e-hookah is the electronic version of traditional shisha. The major difference between is two is that the electronic counterpart lacks smoke and tobacco. Disposable E-hookah is hence similar to its brother e-cigarette primarily since they both come in many flavors and contains nicotine cartridges. These e-hookahs come in many varieties; some can be refilled whereas the other one is disposable e-hookah. One major difference in e-cigarettes and e-hookah is that the latter product has many intense flavors and produces more smoke. Even though, the smoke is not real, it is water vapor that is produced utilizing the battery and internal cartridge of the device. The vapor is produced after the battery heats up, which is when the user breathes in and exhales.

Electronic ones always lack than the real ones in many aspects:

The disposable e-hookah is not as great as the real hookah just in the way as electronic cigarettes are not as great as the real cigarettes. However, the real hookah is much more harmful to your health and is far more harmful than any of the other products of tobacco. The main reason behind it is that the hook is mixed with chemicals and charcoal in order to increase the amount of smoke and to give the flavor. Another benefit of this disposable e-hookah is that it can be smoked in the indoor public areas where tobacco is restricted. They can also be used in cafes, buses, as well as trains in many nations.

Traditional hookah has more heath risks associated with its use:

Since traditional hookah is produced utilized a mixture of some addictives, charcoal and tobacco in order to generate flavor, it also contains huge amounts of unacceptable toxins that the disposable e-hookah lacks. The tobacco that is found in the hookah is same as that of a cigarette, other than the fact that in cigarette tobacco is not mixed with charcoal. This consuming of a mixture is much more dangerous than the sole use of tobacco. Another fact that needs to be noted is that the amount of smoke generated in hookah is much more than of the cigarette and hence is very toxic. Whereas the smoke generated by disposable e-hookah is not exactly smoke, it is vapor.

While the E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity these days, mostly among the younger generation, the e-hookah is comparatively a new concept which has not yet gained popularity. The lack of information regarding these new products is primarily the chief reason as to why majority of people choose to continue smoking the regular shisha. Hence this is a short guide which is put together if you are wondering as to what exactly is E-hookah, and how is it supposed to be used and does it come in a variety of flavored E-hookah as well??

How does it look?

Did you ever see an electronic cigarette?? Well, if the answer is yes, then picture a more colorful and slightly larger version of the same and there it is, you would have imagined an e-hookah. It is very similar to a sharpie and thicker marker in its size and the feeling of smoking this is similar to smoking your usual hookah.

How does it work??

A normal flavored e-hookah consists of a fluid known as e-liquid, an atomizer and a battery. The liquid provides flavor and smoke. It does not have to be lit, and it works just like a normal cigarette. Hence, when you start inhaling, the atomizer present in it heats up, and the e-liquid starts are providing a vapor, which can be breathed.

What are the ingredients??

There are a couple of major ingredients that are commonly found in the e-liquids and that are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, fruit flavoring and water. It is essential to take a note that no examinations have conducted on the safety of breathing in these compounds. Also, the flavors of the water are majorly made up of herbs. Hence, they do not consist most of the harmful chemicals which are found in the normal, standard shisha

Can I select the flavor??

Well yes, you can choose the flavors of the flavored e-hookah. It comes in a wide variety of different flavors; hence, you can make a choice of your favorite one. However, the specific range of flavors in this flavored e-hookah is decided by the manufacturer. The flavored e-hookah that is disposable in nature comes insole flavor.

Are there any health effects??

It needs to be taken into consideration that flavored e-hook is a new product in the market, and hence the health risks are not yet identified at present. However, you can make an online search in order to determine the effects and only then start using them.

Does it cause addiction??

It depends on the person to person. Majority of these e-hookahs are free of nicotine. However, some do consist of chemical compounds. The flavored e-hookah that can be reused are the ones that have options of with nicotine and without as per your choice and preference. One more thing to be noted is that even if the nicotine inhaled in these e-hookahs are considerably low; they still may result in severe addiction. For more information, you can make a detailed research on e-hookahs.

There is no denying that a large number of people die of lung cancer, oral cancer and heart diseases worldwide. The main cause behind this staggering number of deaths is smoking. It is said that an ordinary cigarette consists of 32 kinds of poisons that includes a lot of carcinogenic substances. Smoking 4 or 5 cigarettes a day not only decreases your life span to a great extent but also makes you vulnerable to developing cancer after a period of time.

Many people find it quite difficult to get rid of the smoking habit for good. They find themselves incapable to get free from the Nicotine Trap which often causes TB, mouth cancer, Lung cancer and other fatal diseases resulting in early death of the smoker. The advancements in technology have led to the development of electronic cigarettes and flavored e-hookah that can be safely used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes and hookahs.

Whether you are a chain smoker or a light smoker you can consider procuring Rechargeable E Cigarette online from a leading supplier in order to get rid of the smoking addiction for good. Likewise you can order for the online purchase of rechargeable hookah pen that will offer you the best alternative source of smoking. Based at Tempe in Arizona in Western United States vapor Wholesales is a leading online supplier of shisha pens at affordable prices. You can easily get disposable e-hookah pens from the company that will enable you completely change your smoking habit. E-hookah is free from tobacco and tar and is easily rechargeable that means that investing in buying e cigarettes or e-hookah is a onetime affair.

With the prompt and cost convenient purchase of Flavored E Hookah from leading online store one can easily minimize the adverse impact on health caused due to active or passive smoking. Rechargeable Electronic Hookah pen Kit consists of rechargeable battery, Flavor Cartridges, USB Charger and Wall Charger. The hookah smoker inhales vapor and not smoke or tar that directly affects the blood and lungs.

Likewise electronic cigarettes have gained popularity worldwide due to its being cost effective and rechargeable as well as safe and healthy alternative. No any untoward incident or side effects has been witnessed so far hence this can be considered to be a fool-proof method for leaving one’s smoking addiction. Such cigarettes will not only satisfy your nicotine craving but will also save you from various health ailments.

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Smoking Hookah or cigarettes is a very bad habit as it is quite injurious to health. Many people however find themselves addicted to this habit to the extent that they find it nearly impossible to get rid of the same. With the advancements in the technology now e-cigarettes and flavored e-hookahs are in to existence that can be a healthy substitute for the traditional hookahs and cigarettes. Besides being easy to use the most significant factor about the disposable flavored e-hookah is that they do not cause any adverse impact on one’s health. Moreover as like e-cigarettes, these e-hookahs also do not release smoke and tar and thus remain a safe alternative for smoker’s family and others who may be passive smokers.

If you are looking for a safe, cost effective and healthy alternative to traditional Hookahs then you must consider buying the highest quality Disposable Electronic E Hookah Pen online through a leading company online. We at Vapor Wholesales offer Disposable Electronic E Hookah Pens at a fraction of cost that will completely change your smoking habit and will provide you all the fun and entertainment minus adverse health effects. These e-hookah pens do not contain nicotine, tobacco, Ash, sticky and messy Shisha and tin foil. Vapor Wholesales offers the best quality disposable and flavored e-hookah that comes with a 100 percent money back or replacement guaranteed.

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Besides this you will soon be getting Rechargeable E Cigarette, rechargeable e hookahs, e juices, and other vapor products from us. Those people who are seriously concerned to quit smoking for good will find e-cigarettes very useful that will provide them the similar feelings and experience like the genuine product. The amount of nicotine varies from one e-cigarette to other and one can easily get the best quality e-cigarette from the leading online supplier. Smoking e-cigarettes in public places is not anything which is banned; hence one can easily enjoy the electronic cigarettes without any hassle or concern.

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As the name implies, flavored e hookah has different flavors like apple, pineapple, bubble gums, strawberry, mint, blue mix, watermelon etc. Primarily used for substitute of traditional one and quitting smoking, flavored e hookah turns into exceedingly popular amongst the youth. The use of this product by diverse celebrities has enlarged the charm of doing smoking in public gatherings and fun places.

The flavored e hookah has absolutely revolutionized the conventional mode of smoking. This can function either with e liquids or even with hydro vapors pebbles. Mutually e liquid as well as vapor pebbles arrive in a variety of essences in order to provide the smoker a purely implausible experience, wherever he can select the vapors to be inhaled as per his personal taste buds. This flavored e hookah can be also acquired in online with a collection of trimmings like tube stoppers, tube stem adapter, pressure release regulator set, hookah basin, shipping container, cleaning brush, hookah trays, hookah wind envelops etc that adjoin to the experience. It is being worn in many parts of the globe where citizens appear to devoting and implementing it as well. Lots of people take it as a communal relaxing motion, which has guided the opening up of several hookah bars across the globe.

Frequently asked question:

Q. Is flavored e hookah superior for healthiness?
- Yes, it grasps the public physical condition by eradicate secondhand smoke.

Q. Who can purchase and worn this product?
- You have to be 18 years or older to officially purchase flavored e hookah

Q. Where we get this flavored e hookah?
- You can purchase this flavored e hookah at a gas station, smoke store and also in online store.

Q. How long these flavored e hookah last?
- Rechargeable series: just remain recharging and refilling.
Disposable products: It will inform you in the product report up to how extend they end.

Q. What are the elements in e liquid?
- There are herbal extract, propylene, glycerol in flavored e hookah.

Q. Can we smoke flavored e hookah anyplace?

- Yes, this product can be smoked anyplace. The major cause for this is just because it uses the similar premise as an electronic cigarette. Besides, the flavored e hookah is totally diverse to the traditional one that is only certified to be smoked in legislated region. So you can enjoy flavored e hookah anytime and anywhere without any kinds of worries.

Advantages of taking flavored-e-hookah

People love to take flavored-e- hookah, due to some of its advantages and these are mentioned below:

1. It is far much safer as contrasted to customary hookah as well as the cigarette. It is feasible only because of the development of technology.

2. The electronic system provides you the incredible and pleasing experience.

3. It is further a kind of eco responsive as it does not release carbon dioxide.

4. Since it runs by electronic means, there is no use of flames which is in fact safer than the traditional hookah.

5. While there is no destructive chemical added, your teeth and gums will neither revolve to yellow color nor will they distend.

Intended for all those who, at one end of point love to smoke hookah, assuming that hookah is a safer alternative than smoking a cigarette. The electronic disposable hookah is the in craze today. And why not, as soon as technology is apparently contributing to each and every walk of living extant on the globe, there are no grounds for the conventional hookah smokers to be left behind.

Disposable e hookahs are gaining fame at an astonishing rate, particularly amongst the younger generation. It is mostly due to the cause that an e hookah proposes a smoking experience which is rather similar to that presented by a conventional hookah, but with the deficiency of that spiteful smoke and flaming of tar. Conversely this e hookah is a bit similar to an e cigarette, in which a vaporizer heats up an e liquid revolving it into a vapor that the smoker breathes in. The demand and the myth of this kind of e hookah, someplace present an intuition that they are fully safe. Furthermore there is a wide extend of belief that these e hookahs are nicotine free. Here is no tobacco and contaminant makes these kinds of e hookahs relatively favorable for one’s teeth as well, rendering completely no blooming. These hookahs are environment and societal friendly.

The reason behind why disposable e hookahs are admired:

1. The most important reason why disposable e hookah is becoming well-liked is that it does not construct charcoal and toxins. It also does not generate smoke and are as a result safer for smoking as contrasted to traditional hookahs that involve lungs and cause respiratory troubles. At the same time as the e hookah does not generate tar, which typically mount up in the lungs and cause troubles. Thus they are worn without any uncertainties.

2. An added benefit of this e hookah is that it is relatively convenient and therefore can be carried around effortlessly. Hence, you can enjoy the zests anytime and anywhere. These kinds of hookahs can be used yet at places where smoking is not permitted, because these hookahs do not construct smoke. They are not intimidation to passive smokers.

3. Buying this product is a one time investment. It is more of a variety of eco affable because it does not release carbon dioxide. Since it run by electronic means, there is no use of flames which is in fact safer than the traditional one.

4. It can be used and thrown.

5. You have acquired a number of sizes to select from so as you can choose as per your wants and necessities.

6. Just the once you are completed with smoking it, neither you will have its aroma in the room, nor you will have to fresh the ashes.

7. It is accessible in more than a few flavors counting pineapple, grape and apple, so on.

8. It is simpler than that of those typical traditional ones which were so heavy that carry somewhere. You can bring this anywhere you like, on the coastlines, in the rooms or in your celebration.

Smoking a cigarette is a compulsion for numerous people and there is no one to telling them to refrain from the injurious health effects of smoking. As well as the information that a cigarette holds carcinogenic resources are known to all these days. In addition to there is a statutory caution that is obligatory printed on the packet of cigarettes. Though, in spite of all this, it is not easy for public to leave this tendency. It is an obsession that does not leave you for whole life. This is perhaps the grounds why electronic cigarettes are gaining recognition across the world. They are circulated and marketed as a safer and better substitute to the existent cigarettes and are extremely in demand.

For a string smoker who is on his mode to give up, a rechargeable e cigarette that stimulates the genuine smoking experience is a vision come true. There are various kinds of e cigarette rechargeable appetizer kits are available in the marketplace for them to select from. The nicotine varies from e cigarette to e cigarette and you can pick up the one that best ensembles you.

How does it work?

E cigarettes are assumed to offer much the similar feeling to smokers as the genuine item. Merely there is no smoke occupied with a rechargeable e cigarette. How it works is incredibly easy. A usual e cigarette includes a battery, a tube or herbal e cigarette fluid that contains nicotine and can an aroma, and a vaporizer. The key components of an rechargeable e cigarettes are hence, a rechargeable lithium battery, a vaporization hollow and a cartridge enclosing the e liquid. While the user blows on the cigarette, the battery warms up the nicotine liquid that is enclosed in the cylinder and causes it to turn out the nicotine vapor that the user vamps as a substitute of smoking. Hence an e cigarette does not generate any smoke or hold any destructive tobacco, thus making it safer and healthier according to some people.

What does a rechargeable electronic cigarette hold?

There are various kits in which there is merely one battery or in a few kits there are two batteries. The e cigarettes usually arrive with extra nicotine cartridges along with a container to bring them. Most of the containers enclose a wall charger and a solid USB charger. USB charger is institute in every the kit and it becomes more vital when you take a trip. Automobile chargers are also an element of the kit and you can adjust your e- cigs securely inside your car with no fear of flaming anything inside.

Advantage of rechargeable electronic cigarettes over disposable one:

Even though buying cheap rechargeable e cigarette has turn out to be a simple task and more and more public are attracted in buying this online. In long run you will be benefited for buying this in online. The normal cigarettes are low in cost but it can not be recycled, though rechargeable e cigarettes are classy but you can use them more than a few times.

By now you might have heard about e-cigarettes, its battery operated sticks and its usage. This is such a device that delivers you the ability to smoke water vapour rather than the actual smoke. This is the reason how people can get away from the usage of nicotine and even from the nasty tar. It is obvious that you have heard about it, but what you might have not heard about is the recharging hookah pen. This brings up a vast difference in terms of traditional hookah flavours.

Electronic hookah pen has been tried by lot of individuals and they have found it quite effective and beneficial as well, as it helps in abolishing the regular smoking of cigarette that is harmful in nature and makes it unwell. It is best known for having pros (different positive sides) that are mentioned below:

The Pros of Smoking Rechargeable Hookahpensare mentioned below:

1. It is free from tobacco:By smoking e-hookahs, you can undoubtedly find the prospect of getting vapour and flavour that does not have nicotine to harm your body on the contrary you would find the same taste as traditional one.

2. There is no tar: As mentioned, at the e-cigarette, all you inhale is the vapour without any tobacco or tar.

3. E-cigarette is Chargeable: The best advantage of e-cigarette is that, you can easily recharge it for the next session you like to smoke for. Just plug it and get it full recharged that would explain the same taste once again.

4. No cleaning is required: Since there is no actual hookah added in the e-cigarette, you need not have to clean it or rub the ashes at any cost. Thus, you can say that your involvement is nothing in terms of cleaning the rechargeable hookah pen.

5. No Lighting of Coals: As it is electronically operated and used, there is nothing like burning coal. Being battery operated, you are also free from smoke and thus it makes you to smoke anywhere anytime, even in the public place.

What does rechargeable hookah pen kit contains?

If you want to buy the rechargeable hookah pen, you can get it from different stores. In many of the stores, you would find that the e-cigarette and the rechargeable hookah pen are sold alone, thus you can buy the one you like to. Moreover, there are different liquids and optional accessories that are includes with the kit that you can buy as per your requirement.

Items you can get with hookah pen kit?

Rechargeable Battery: You can recharge it and get it fully charged, as this would provide you with up hours of usage of the e-cigarette.

Flavour Cartridges: Different flavour cartridges are made available with the kit, which you can taste it as per your preference. Each flavor cartridge will provide you the maximum amount of 300 puffs to smoke.

USB Charger: Just plug in with the charger added with the rechargeable battery for easy charging.

Wall Charger: By just inserting the USB charger into this wall charger, you can easily charge your hookah pen and use it accordingly.

Hookah pen is a kind of electronic device that has three main components- cartridge, battery and atomizer. The cartridge is where e-liquid or flavor is stored while the atomizer is its heating element. It is long, thin and has the same look like a cigarette. This pen has become a popular item these days and is also used by those people who are trying to quit smoking. For them it has become a major solution and it is widely accepted as well. The major reason why hookah pen is becoming popular is that it does not produce charcoal and toxins that sounds harmful for the people. It also does not produce smoke and therefore it is far better and safer for smoking as compared to traditional hookahs that affect lungs and cause respiratory problems.

There are three types of electronic hookahs that are typically referred as-1 piece, 2 pieces and 3 pieces. This product is also available in 4 different styles-mini electronic cigarettes, pen style electronic cigarette, electronic cigars and electronic pipes, which you can buy as per your preference.

Frequently asked questions:
Where to buy Hookah pen?
You can buy hookah pen in many different places like gas station, smoke shop and in online store as well. Just visit any of these place sand grab your smokeless e-cigarette as per our preference.
Is Hookah Pen safe to smoke?
Since it does not hold any toxin or health affected elements, it is obviously safe to smoke. Moreover, it also helps in eliminating secondhand smoke.
Who can buy and use this pen?
Any individual who has is 18 years or older can buy this pen and can even use it.
Does it have any flavor in it?
Yes, it has different kinds of flavors that include apple, strawberry, bubblegum, mint, blue mix, silver fox, watermelon, mint night queen, pan arena etc.
Some of the significant aspects of Hookah pen:
Hookah pen is widely accepted by many individuals and it has different significant aspects as well, which are mentioned below:

  • 1. It is quite portable and thus, can be carried around easily that allows you to enjoy the flavors anytime and anywhere.
  • 2. Buying this product is one time investment, which means once you buy it, you can enjoy smoking as long as you want.
  • 3. Hookah pens are easy to maintain as it does not require cleaning of ash and smoke unlike traditional hookahs where charcoal in burned in hookahs. Once you are done with smoking it, neither you will have its smell in the room nor have you to clean the ashes.
  • 4. You have got several sizes to choose this product (large, small and medium.) and you can buy it as per your requirements. Moreover, it is eco- friendly in nature.
  • 5. It makes use of electricity or batteries rather than burning coal like in a conventional chillum. The smoke coming out from it is fairly thick and packed with a good amount of flavor.

Thus, if you want to quit smoking but you want the same taste that remains unharmed, then the best thing you can do is to use hookah pen, which is best in its kind and are available at different price range.

The Shisha pens do not have toxic compounds like metals, toxic compounds and other chemicals. Depending on the brand, some devices may have nicotine, this depends on the brand. In case of smoking shisha, even the people around you may be at a risk of having serious diseases. In the shisha pens, there is no smoke, so there is no risk of passive smoking.

It comes ready to use and you have to place its tip between your lips. Then push the button and start inhaling slowly. The pen heats up and the liquid vaporizes so that you can inhale vapors. Some of the Hookah pens do not come with a button and the harder you draw on the pen, the higher the smoke you can produce. The pen will stop lightening when the 600 puffs are over and you will come to know about it. You can easily refill the pen and toss it to get a new one. It can easily fit in your pocket and you can enjoy from the many available flavors.

The Hookah pen is the new travel friendly and portable form of Hookah; you will not have to carry the whole equipment involved in the traditional Hookah and can enjoy the vapors in form of a small pen. You can also buy Hookah pens in bunch of different flavors that are available online and this is much better as compared to the conventional cigarettes.

In the UK, you have to be smoking indoors and have to be of the legal adult age to buy Hookah pen. It is cool and still new to smoke a Hookah pen and even in the U.S, you have to be an adult to buy Hookah Pen.

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